Daily : October 12, 2017

Indian Naval Ships Satpura and Kadmatt visit Sasebo, Japan

Indian Naval Ships Satpura and Kadmatt visit Sasebo, Japan

  • In pursuance of India’s Act East Policy and demonstration of India’s commitment to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific Region, Indian Naval Ships Satpura and Kadmatt are visiting Sasebo, Japan from 12th to 15th October 2017.
  • The visit of these ships is part the Indian Government’s initiatives to strengthen the long standing, mutually supportive and strong relationship between Japan and India.
  • This historic relationship spans across the entire spectrum of engagement between both countries – cultural, spiritual, economic and security.
  • the ships will take part in Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with the Murusame Class destroyer, JS Kirisame.


First Meeting of India-Australia Joint Steering Committee

First meeting of India-Australia Joint Steering Committee

Question- At which of the following places the first meeting of India-Australia Joint Steering Committee held recently?
(a) Jaipur
(b) New Delhia
(c) Mumbai
(d) Ahmedabad
Answer: (b)
Related Facts:

  • On October 6th, 2017, the first meeting of the India-Australia Joint Steering Committee was held in New Delhi.
  • It is noteworthy that this meeting is a follow-up to the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation in Combating International Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime exchanged between the two sides during the visit of Australian Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull to New Delhi in April this year and his talks with the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
  • During the Joint Steering Committee meeting the two sides discussed scope for cooperation in counter-terrorism and checking extremism and radicalization besides steps to check illegal financial transactions and counterfeiting and cybercrimes.
  • Issues related to human trafficking and people smuggling, combating illegal drug trafficking and sharing information between law enforcement agencies were also discussed.


World cerebral palsy day 2017

World Cerebral Palsy Day

Question: ‘World Cerebral Palsy Day’ is celebrated on-
(a) October 6
(b) October 4
(c) October 3
(d) October 1
Answer: (a)
Related Facts:

  • On October 6, 2017, World Cerebral Palsy Day was celebrated throughout the world.
  • The aim of this day is to make people aware about cerebral palsy disease.
  • This brain damage can occur before the birth of children, at birth and at any time after birth.
  • The more brain damage, the greater the disability of the children increases.
  • The disease was first detected by British surgeon Billion little in 1860 AD.
  • The main causes of this disease are the disruption of the child’s brain development or injury to the brain.
  • Some other reasons are as follows:

(i) Infection in mother during pregnancy.

(ii) No match in blood group of mother and child.

(iii) Unusual development of the child in the womb of the mother etc.

  • Currently around 17 million people are suffering from cerebral palsy all over the world.


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