The world’s longest rail tunnel

World's longest tunnel, Gotthard Base Tunnel, set to open

Question: Recently the world’s longest railway tunnel, Gotthard is built in which of the following country?
(a) Switzerland
(b) Spain
(c) Russia
(d) France
Ans: (a)
Related facts:

  • On 29 May 2016 the final phase of operational testing of world’s longest and deepest railroad tunnel “Gotthard Base Tunnel” has concluded.
  • The 57-kilometer (35-mile) two-single track Gotthard Base Tunnel is one of the main railroads of Alps.
  • It will connect the northern and southern Europe.
  • It is officially opened on June 1, 2016 but its full service is expected to start in December, 2016.
  • Total cost of the project is 9.8 billion Swiss francs, or US$10 billion.
  • The idea to build this tunnel was born 69 years ago: Swiss engineer Eduard Gruner first came up with the concept in 1947.
  • Gotthard Base Tunnel will overtake Japan’s 53.9-kilometer Seikan Tunnel as the world’s longest train tunnel.


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