World’s Largest Flag

Question: In which of the following countries 200 km (124 mile) long flag was unveiled?
(a) Chile
(b) Bolivia
(c) Japan
(d) Sweden
Answer: (b) 
Related Facts:

  • On 10th March, 2018, Bolivia has 200 km of its own (124 mile) long flag and claimed to be the world’s largest flag.
  • The so-called “flag of maritime revindication” stretched like a long blue ribbon between the towns Oruro and Apacheta, on the outskirts of capital La Paz.
  • Made from blue cloth, the width of this flag is three meters and this is the national symbol of Bolivia.
  • Bolivia’s people hoisted the flag as a sign of support for their reach to the Pacific Ocean coast.
  • India is that Bolivia seeks access to the Pacific Ocean, which won by Chile in a war in the 19th
  • Bolivia will present its case demanding access to Chile from the Pacific coast to the International Court, on which International Court will hear from March 19th.
  • Bolivia is a landlocked country.


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