World Chess Championship for Disabled-2015

World Chess Championship for Disabled-2015

Question: Who has won the World Chess Championship-2015 for Disabled?

(a) Alexey Smirnov
(b) Vladimir N. Kovalenko
(c) Stanislav Mikheen
(d) Sergej Wassin

Ans (a)

Related facts:

  • Second edition of World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015 completed on 24 October, 2015 at Dresdenin Germany.
  • Gold medal won by Alexey Smirnov of Russia and Silver and bronze medal won by  Stanislav Babarykin of Russia and Stanislav Mikheev of Russia respectively.

Details of other awards distributed in the championship are following

  • The best female player was declared Aleksandra Aleksandrova, from Israel.
  • The best IBCA player- Alexey Smirnov of Russia.
  • The best IPCA player- Stanislav Mikheev of Russia.
  • The best ICCD player- Vladimir N. Kovalenko of Ukraine.
  • The best team of the championship- IBCA Team from Russia.


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