The first-ever National Leopard Census

Leopard in India continue to report first calculation

Ques: Recently, which of the Indian wild animal census report was released?

a. Leopard
b. Elephant
c. Black Deer
d. Hippopotamus

Ans: a

Related facts:

  • During 3–4 September, 2015 in the 29th Annual Research Seminar of Wildlife Institute of India, the first ever ‘Leopard’ census report was issued.
  • It is notable that the leopard count was done along with the tiger census in 2014 with the same methodology adopted for tigers.
  • The first-ever national leopard census has put the Leopard population at 7,910 in 14 states of India in and around tiger habitats across India, except the northeastern parts.
  • Based on these numbers, the estimated India’s total leopard population to be in the range of 12,000 to 14,000.
  • With an estimated population of 1,817, Madhya Pradesh has emerged as the top leopard state in the country. It’s followed by Karnataka (1,129), Maharashtra (905), Chhattisgarh (846) and Tamil Nadu (815).


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