Sudan’s President Ousted by Army

Sudan’s President Ousted by Army

Question: Name the Sudan’s President who has been ousted and arrested by the military?
(a) Omar al-Bashir
(b) Al-Bagdadi
(c) Omar Abdulla
(d) Sheikh Mohammad Khalifa
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested by the military on April 11, 2019.
  • He has governed Sudan since 1989, was nearly 30 years in power.
  • Demonstrations against Bashir have been taking place for several months.
  • The protesters are now demanding a civilian council to lead the transition rather than a military one.
  • Accused of organizing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sudan’s western Darfur region, Bashir has an international arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  • Bashir is a former army officer who came to power in a military coup in 1989.
  • His rule has been marked by civil war. The civil conflict with the south of the country ended in 2005 and South Sudan became independent in 2011.


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