Question – What is SLINEX?

(a) Support Portal developed by the Ministry of Agriculture

(b) A government agency to prevent corruption

(c) Joint naval exercise between India- Sri Lanka

(d) Government grain sales center

Ans – (c)

Related facts

  • October 27, 2015 the fourth joint naval exercises between India -Sri Lanka (SLINEX) was launched in Trincomalee, Sri-Lanka.
  • October 27 to1 November, 2015. Indian Naval ships Kora, Kirpan and Savitri along with ship-borne integral helicopters will take part while on the other side Sri Lankan Navy will be represented by Sayura, Samudra, Sagara.
  • The purpose of the six-day exercise by comprehensive maritime interaction between the two countries to strengthen relationships.
  • The bilateral maritime exercises between India and Sri Lanka ‘SLINEX’ were initiated in 2005 and since then three successful engagements have been conducted.


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