Skoch Award-2018

Skoch Award

Question: Which of the following award has been conferred to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy recognizing effective installation of renewable energy capacity?
(a) Skoch Award
(b) SEAL Award
(c) Green Award
(d) None of the above
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • On 7 December 2018 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been conferred the ‘Skoch Award’ for national significance at an event held in New Delhi.
  • The Award has been conferred on the Ministry considering its purpose and critical role played in installing about 73 GW renewable energy capacity in the country.
  • With 21 Percent of total installed capacity, within the year renewable energy grossed a magic figure of providing one billion units of electricity in the country.
  • It is worth to note that India ranks 4th in the world in wind energy capacity and 5th in solar & total renewable energy capacity installed in the world.


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