Section 151A of Representation of People Act

Section 151A of Representation of People Act

Question:Section 151A of Representation of People Act is related to which of the following?
(a)It mandates the election commission to fill vacancies in Parliament and state legislatures
(b)The term of office of members of the Council of States
(c)The penalty for misconduct at the polling station.
(d)Powers of Election Commission
Related facts:

  • Section 151 A of the Representation of People Act, 1951 mandates the Election Commission to fill the casual vacancies in the house of parliament and state legislatures through by-elections within 6 months of the date of occurrence of the vacancy, provided that the remainder of the term of a member in relation to a vacancy in one year or more.

  • This cause of worry come in front as the election commission declared the date of the by-election for 3 seats in Karnataka, but it didn’t declare the dates for Andhra Pradesh.
  • The reason mentioned for this is that Andhra Pradesh 5 seats got vacant after 20th June The term of sixteenth Lok Sabha is up to 3rdJune 2019. Thus under section 151 A of RPA, 1951 Election commission has taken this step.

By Ramayan Upadhyay


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