Removal of ban on movie theaters

Saudi Arabia movie theater ban lifted after 35 years

Question: Which country has recently announced the removal of the ban from movie theaters?
(a) United Arab Emirates
(b) Qatar
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) Egypt
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On December 11, 2017, the government of Saudi Arabia announced the removal of ban from movie theaters.
  • Movie theaters will open to the general people in this country after 35 years.
  • According to Saudi Arabia’s Culture and Information Minister, the theaters will be licensed to run the film in the next 90 days.
  • Cinema Houses should take care of the Sharia laws and the moral values of the country in film production.
  • It is known that Saudi Arabia is undergoing an economic overhaul under Vision 2030 and is taking some key steps to bring Saudi Arabia as a liberal economy in front of the world and to reduce its reliance on oil over the next decade.
  • Women were also given the right to drive for the first time in this line.


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