Release of Recombinant ELISA kits

Release of recombinant ELISA kits

Question: Among the Recently released Recombinant Enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) kits, one for Glanders and other will be used to diagnose-
(a) Gonorrhea
(b) HIV
(c) Equine Infectious Anaemia
(d) Leukaemia
Answer: (c)
Related facts:

  • On 9 January 2019,Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh released recombinant Enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) kits: one for Glanders and other for Equine Infectious Anaemia(EIA).
  • Both kits are highly economical as compare to imported kits and will prove to be a milestone in the control and eradication of these notifiable diseases from India.

Glanders & EIA:

  • Glanders is a fatal infectious and notifiable disease of equines including horses, donkeys and mules.The disease is caused by a bacterium known as Burkholderia mallei and has zoonotic potential.
  • The organism is also considered as potential bio-weapon and categorized under ‘Tier 1 Select Agent’.
  • After continuous research efforts of more than eight years, National Research Centre on Equines (NRCE) has been able to develop a recombinant Hcp1 antigen ELISA as an alternate to complement-fixation test (CFT).
  • The ELISA has been duly validated in India and the OIE Reference Laboratory, Germany and showed excellent sensitivity (97.2%) and specificity (99.6%). 
  • This technology has been transferred to eight State Disease Diagnostic Laboratories following approval of DADF, Ministry of Agriculture & Family Welfare and commercialized for transformation into ready to use kit.
  • Equine infectious anaemia (EIA) is a chronic, debilitating and persistent infectious disease of equines caused by a retrovirus. It is an OIE notifiable disease.NRCE has also developed recombinant p26 protein-based ELISA as an alternative to Coggin’s test.
  • This technology will provide sustainable and homogeneous source of antigen and harmonized protocol to ensure regular surveillance of EIA.


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