Ramaswamy R Iyer

ramaswamy r.iyer

Ques: Ramaswamy R Iyer who died recently is known for-

a. Well known water policy expert
b. Well known classical dancer
c. Well known politician
d. Well known nuclear scientist

Ans: a

Related facts:

  • September 9, 2015 renowned water policy expert Ramaswamy R. Iyer passed away in New Delhi following a severe bout of viral fever.
  • Born in October 1929, in Thakkalai, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Iyer was known for producing a rich body of commentary on water policy and environmental issues.
  • His erudite opinion pieces in the pages of The Hindu were widely read and appreciated by regular readers.
  • His last held position was that of an honorary research professor at the Centre for Policy Research.
  • Iyer served as Secretary of Water Resources in the central government and was instrumental in drafting India’s first National Water Policy in 1987.



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