Proposal to declare ocean energy as Renewable Energy

Power Minister Shri RK Singh approves proposal to declare ocean energy as Renewable Energy
Question: Recently Power Minister has approved which energy as Renewable Energy?
(a) Ocean energy
(b) Coal energy
(c) Solar energy
(d) Thermal energy
Answer: (a)
  • On 22nd August, 2019, Union Minister of State for Power and New & Renewable Energy (IC) and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, RK Singh approved a proposal to declare ocean energy as Renewable Energy.
  • Accordingly, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has clarified to all the stakeholders that energy produced using various forms of ocean energy such as tidal, wave, ocean thermal energy conversion etc. shall be considered as Renewable Energy and shall be eligible for meeting the non-solar Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO).


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