Postage Stamp to commemorate Rosogulla Inventor

Question: Who is said to be the inventor of famous sweet Rosogulla?
(a) Sudhir Chandra Das
(b) Mrinal Chandra Das
(c) Pravin Chandra Das
(d) Nabin Chandra Das
Answer: (d)
Related facts:

  • A postage stamp was released to commemorate Nabin Chandra Das, the inventor of famous Bangla dessert, Rosogolla at the inaugural function of three day Rosogulla Festival in Kolkata marking 150th year of its invention.The Mayor of Kolkata Mr. Firhad Hakim released the stamp.
  • The festival named Bagbazar-O-Rasogolla Utsob was organized by Bagbazar Gourimata Udyaan from December 28 to 30.
  • On the occasion,a statue of the Nabin Chandra Das was unveiled and a book titled ‘Bagbazar’ authored by Haripada Bhowmick was also launched.
  • On 14 November 2017, the GI (Geographical Identification) tag was given to West Bengal for Rosogulla and hence forth this day is observed as Rosogulla Day.Prior to this, tussle between Odisha and West Bengal government was witnessed in the year 2015 over the invention.


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