Pink City Jaipur declared World Heritage site by UNESCO

Question: Recently, which city has got the entry in the list of world heritage site inscribed by UNESCO?
(a) Hampi
(b) Jaipur
(c) Ahmedabad
(d) Khajuraho
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • Jaipur city of Rajasthan, made its entry into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list on 6th July, 2019.
  • The decision was taken in the 43rd Session of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in a meeting held in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • ICOMOS (The International Council on Monuments and Sites) had inspected the city in 2018.
  • Jaipur is the second city of the country after Ahmedabad to get the recognition.
  • The historic walled city of Jaipur in Rajasthan was founded in 1727 AD under the patronage of Sawai Jai Singh II. Jaipur was established on the plain and built according to a grid plan interpreted in the light of Vedic architecture.
  • It serves as the capital city of the culturally-rich state of Rajasthan.
  • In town planning, it shows an interchange of ancient Hindu, Mughal and contemporary Western ideas that resulted in the form of the city.
  • Jaipur City is an exceptional example of a late medieval trade town in South Asia and defined new concepts for a thriving trade and commercial hub.
  • The city is associated with living traditions in the form of crafts that have national and international recognition.


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