Peace talk called off between USA and Taliban

Peace talk called off between USA and Taliban
Question: Recently, US had declared to call off the peace talk with Taliban in Afghanistan. Which of the following diplomat headed this peace talk from US side?
(a) Jim Mattis
(b) Richardson
(c) Tulasi Gabbard
(d) Zalmay Khalilzad
Answer: (d)
Related facts:
  • US long going peace talk with terrorist organization Taliban in Afghanistan to end the war of more than 18 years had been called off abruptly after a recent terrorist attack in Kabul done by Taliban.
  • U.S. President Donald Trump announced this on September 7, 2019.
  • There was a peace talk going on between US and Afghanistan to get the US troop out of Afghanistan after decades of violence.
  • Zalmay Khalilzad had led the peace talk from the side of US with Taliban.
  • Taliban controls now more territory than at any time since 2001.

The Peace deal:

  •  U.S. and Taliban had struck a draft peace deal which could lead to a drawdown in U.S. troops from America’s longest war.
  • The draft proposes withdrawal of around 5000 U.S. troops over the coming months in return of the guarantee by the Taliban that Afghanistan would not be used as a base for militant attacks on the United States and its allies.
  • It was mentioned that a full peace agreement to end more than 18 years of war would depend on subsequent “intra Afghan” talks.
  • The Taliban have rejected calls for a ceasefire and instead stepped up operations across the country.

Afghanistan government role:

  • The Taliban replied on September 8 that this cancellation would lead to fresh losses to American lives in Afghanistan.
  • Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had requested Taliban to end violence and talk directly to his government amid cancellation.
  • Taliban have so far refused to talk to the Afghan government claiming it having no popular support.

US troops in Afghanistan:

  • The Taliban, radical Islamists who ran Afghanistan and protected Bin Laden, refused to hand him over. So, a month after 9/11, the US launched air strikes against Afghanistan.
  • As other countries joined the war, the Taliban were quickly removed from power. But they didn’t just disappear – their influence grew back and they dug in.
  • Since then, the US and its allies have struggled to stop Afghanistan’s government collapsing, and to end deadly attacks by the Taliban.


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