Paris terror attacks

Paris attack

Question:  Name the terrorist organization which is responsible for Paris terror attacks?

(a) Al-Qaeda
(b) Boko Haram
(c) Islamic State
(d) Taleban e Hind

Ans (c)

Related facts:

  • On 13 November 2015 in the evening At least 129 people have been killed in a string of terror attacks in Paris.
  • In this attack nearly 352 people were seriously injured.
  • In a well planned terror attack maximum death occurred in Bataclan concert hall, a sports stadium.
  • Around 89 civilians were killed in the hall and some people were taken hostage by terrorists.
  • Gunmen opened fire on concert-goers watching US rock group Eagles of Death Metal This attack on the 1,500-seat Bataclan hall was the deadliest as the hall was fully occupied.
  • Most people in the hall in which three militants attackers showered bullets died and several others were seriously injured.
  • At the same time around 80000 football fans in the Stade de France (National Stadium of France) came under the deadliest attacks who were watching a friendly match between France and Germany.
  • The first attack by militants was done at Le Carillon restaurant where they opened fire and the 15 people died and about 15 were injured.
  • After this attack, militants attacked a bar in south of Paris where five people died and about 8 people were injured.
  • In a similar attack two terrorists who attacked theRestaurant La Belle Equipe and killed 19 people.
  • Total eight militants were involved in these attacks; including seven militants killed themselves in suicide bombing. One militant killed by security forces during raid.
  • After the terrorist attacks emergency was declared in France.
  • The Sunni militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • It was formed in 2013 after separating from Al-Qaeda.
  • The group is known in Arabic asad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī ‘l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām which means Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.
  • This is world’s richest terrorist organization whose head on June 29 in 2014, declared himself as the caliphate of all Muslims of the world.
  • Emergency was declared for the first time in Paris after World War II due to this attack.
  • After the attack in search of other militants Abdelhamid Abaaoudthe Islamic State mastermind of the Paris attacks killed in a police raid.


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