Outstanding External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)

Outstanding External Commercial Borrowings

Question: What was the outstanding stock of ECB as on September 30, 2018?
(a) 126.29 Billion Dollar
(b) 110.50 Billion Dollar
(c) 150.00 Billion Dollar
(d) 155.65 Billion Dollar
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • RBI announced a cap on the outstanding Stock of ECB at 6.5 percent of GDP at current market prices.
  • Based on the GDP figures at March-end 2018, the current financial year, the soft limit works out to $160 billion for the current financial year.
  • The outstanding stock of ECB as on 30th September, 2018, stood at USD 126.29 billion.
  • External Commercial Borrowings (ECB):
  • ECBs refer to commercial loans in the form of bank loans, securitized instruments (floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds, non-convertible, optionally convertible or partially or partially convertible preference shares), buyer’s credit; supplier’s credit availed of form non-resident lenders with a minimum average maturity of 3 years.


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