New Prime Minister of Finland

New Prime Minister of Finland
Question: Who has been elected the new Prime Minister of Finland to replace Antti Rinne after losing the confidence of the coalition partner?
(a) Sanna Marin
(b) Juha Sipila
(c) Petteri Orpo
(d) Jussi Halla-aho
Answer: (a)
Related facts:
  • On 8th December 2019, Finland’s Transport Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Sana Marine was elected next Prime Minister of Finland.
  • 34-year-old Sana Marin will be the world’s youngest sitting prime minister after she takes office. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is 39, while Ukrainian premier Oleksiy Honcharuk is 35.
  • Sanna Marin narrowly won vote to replace outgoing leader Antti Rinne, who quit as PM after losing the confidence of the coalition partner Centre Party over his handling of a postal strike.
  • On 3 December 2019 Antti Rinne stepped down after several weeks of political crisis over a plan to cut wages for 700 postal workers.
  • Former PM Antti Rinne headed Finland’s centre-left five-party coalition since June, and Marin’s appointment is unlikely to lead to significant policy changes by the Social Democrat-led administration.


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