New President of Kazakhstan

Question: Who took oath as the President of Kazakhstan on 13th June, 2019?
(a) Nursultan Nazarbayev
(b) Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
(c) Volodymyr Zelensky
(d) Rumen Radev
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took oath as the new President of Kazakhstan at the Palace of Independence in the capital Nur-Sultan on 13th June, 2019.
  • He was acting president after Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned from the post of President after almost 30 years in March, 2019.
  • The career diplomat became the country’s second elected president after succeeding 78-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev.
  • Tokayev received nearly 71% of the ballots in the presidential election.


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