Nepal Declared as Secular democratic country

Nepal adopts first democratic Constitution

Question: (1)- Nepal has adopted new Constitution On 20 September declared by Nepalese President Ram Baran Yadav at a special ceremony held in Parliament at Kathmandu.

(2)- Nepal’s new constitution was passed by Parliament on September 17, 2015 by a 507-25 votes in the 601 seat Constituent Assembly (CA) .

Choose the correct option:

(a) Both (1) and (2) are correct and (2) is correct explanation of (1).
(b) Both (1) and (2) are correct but (2) is not the correct explanation of (1).
(c) (1) is true but (2) is false.
(d) (1) is false but (2) is true.

Ans (a)

Related facts:

  • Nepal’s new constitution has been implemented on September 20, 2015 (Vikram era in 2072).
  • The new constitution will replace the 2007 interim constitution.
  • President Ram Baran Yadav released Constitution at the Baneshwar Constituent Assembly building Kathmandu.
  • The new constitution defines the Nepal, as a secular republic divided into seven federal provinces.
  • Nepal’s constitution is Asia’s first constitution in which there is a provision for protecting the rights gay, bisexual and Transgender (sexual minority) community.
  • Nepal constitution consists of 35 parts 9 schedule and 308 articles.
  • The constitution prepared is Nepal’s first constitution by an elected constituent assembly.
  • Before this five different constitutions were enacted in year 1948, 1951, 1959, 1962 and 1990.
  • All the earlier constitution prepared were exhibiting the monarchy and country’s army ideas and feelings.
  • After nearly 67 years of conflict in Nepal’s democratic constitution this has been written by people.


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