MOVE: India’s First Global Mobility Summit 2018

MOVE India’s First Global Mobility Summit 2018

Question-Who inaugurated the MOVE: India’s First Global Mobility Summit 2018 on 7 September?
(a)Narendra Modi
(b)Rajnath singh.
(c)Arun Jaitley
Answer- (a)
Related facts-

  • On 7th and 8th September Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated MOVE: India’s ever first Global Mobility Summit at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.
  • It was organized by NITI Aayog.
  • The focus is on raising awareness about various aspects of Mobility and bringing various stakeholders involved in enhancing mobility across different platforms.
  • The Global Mobility Summit is the first of its kind, with over 2200 participants expected from across the world.
  • The summit deliberated on five themes-
  1. Maximizing Asset Utilization.
  2. Comprehensive Electrification and Alternative Fuels.
  3. Goods Transport and Logistics.
  4. Reinventing Public Transport.
  5. Data Analytics and Mobility.


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