Ministry of Defence Approves Induction of Women as Fighter Pilots

Defence Ministry to include women as fighter pilots approved

Question: Presently, the Indian Army is inducting women into which of the following Branches/Cadres ?

(a)Army Ordinance Corps


(c)Education and Meteorology branches

(d)All the above

Ans- (d)

Related Facts:

  • On 24 October, 2015 The Ministry of Defence has approved the induction of women into the Fighter (Combat) stream of the IAF.
  • This progressive step is in keeping with the aspirations of Indian women and is in line with contemporary trends in Armed Forces of developed nations.
  • The first women pilots would be selected from the batch which is presently undergoing flying training at Air Force Academy.
  • After successful completion of ab-initio training, they would be commissioned in the fighter stream in June 2016.
  • Thereafter, they would undergo advanced training for one year and would enter a fighter cockpit by June 2017.
  • Presently, the IAF is inducting women’s into the Transport and Helicopter stream of the flying branch, Navigation, Aeronautical Engineering, Administration, Logistics, Accounts, Education and Meteorology branches.


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