Mauricio Macri


Ques-Recently elected president of Argentina Mauricio Macri is affiliated to which of the following political party?

(a) Republican Proposal party

(b) Front for Victory

(c) Socialist Party

(d) Freemen of the South Movement

Ans- (a)

Related facts:

  • On November 22, 2015, Conservative opposition candidate Mauricio Macri of Republican Proposal Party has won Argentina’s 2015 Presidential election.
  • With this win of Mauricio Macri, Argentina will see the centre-right leading the government after 12-years of leftist government.
  • Mr Macri had secured more than 53 per cent votes defeating his rival Daniel Scioli of ruling Peronist Party who secured 47 per cent votes
  • Prior to entering politics, Mr Macri had a long career in business and holds civil engineer degree.
  • Prior to getting elected as President, he was representing City of Buenos Aires in the lower house of the Argentine congress since 2007.


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