Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Ques: Recently, Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister. The former prime minister is-

a. Edmund Barton
b. Alfred Deakin
c. Chris Watson
d. Tony Abbott

Ans: d

Related facts:

  • September 15, 2015 Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as Australia’s new Prime Minister.
  • Turnbull took the oath of allegiance of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II by Governor-General Peter Cosgrove in a ceremony held in Canberra.
  • He replaced Tony Abbott who was ousted during a surprise ballot of his colleagues on September 14th.
  • He is the 29th Prime Minister of Australia and 4th since 2013.
  • In the hastily-arranged late night party leadership ballot, 57-year-old Abbott received 44 votes against Mr. Turnbull’s 54.
  • For the past two years (2013-2015), Turnbull has served as Australia’s Minister of Communications.


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