Largest Brain-Mimicking Supercomputer

Largest Brain-Mimicking Supercomputer

Question: What is SpiNNaker?
(a)Sniper Gun
(b)Communication Satellite
(c)Spy Plane
Answer: (d)
Related facts:

  • The world’s largest brain mimicking supercomputer (SpiNNaker) Spiking Neural Network Architecture Machine has been switched on recently at University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, it has been designed to work same way as human brain.
  • It can model very large number of biological neurons comparison to any other machine at present in the world. It contains 100 million transistors per chip and therefore capable of doing more than 200 million actions per second.

  • Neuroscientists can now use SpiNNaker to help unlock some of the secrets of how the human brain works by running large scale simulations.
  • It works as real time neural simulator that allows Roboticists now can design large scale neural networks into mobile robots with the help of this supercomputer as this machine also works as real-time neural simulator.


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