K&D Graphics / YONEX Grand Prix-2015

K&D Graphics / YONEX Grand Prix-2015

Question: Who won the title of K & D Graphics / Yonex badminton men singles Grand Prix 2015?

  • Lee Hyun Il
  • Vladimir Ivanov
  • Rajiv Ouseph
  • Ivan Sozonov

Ans (a)

Related facts:

  • BWF K & D Graphics / Yonex badminton Grand Prix was held from December 7 to 12, 2015 in the Central California, USA.
  • Winners are as follows:
  • Men Singles:
  • Winner: LeeHyun Il (South Korea)
  • Runner: Rajiv Ouseph (England)
  • Men Doubles:
  • Winner: Goh V Shem (Malaysia) & Wee Kiong Tan (Malaysia)
  • Runner: Vladimir Ivanov (Russia) & Ivan Sozonov (Russia)
  • Women Singles:
  • Winner: PaiYu Po (Chinese Taipei)
  • Runner: Kirsty Gilmour (Scotland)
  • Women Doubles:
  • Winner: JungKyung Eun (South Korea) & ShinSeung Chan(South Korea)
  • Runner: ChangYe Na (South Korea) & LeeSo Hee (South Korea)
  • Mixed Doubles:
  • Winner: ChoiSolgyu (South Korea) & EomHye Won (South Korea)
  • Runner: Michael Fuchs(Germany) & Birgit Michels (Germany)




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