Jimmy Morales

Jimmy Morales

Question: Recently, Jimmy Morales was elected as president of which country?

(a) Germany
(b) Georgia
(c) Guatemala
(d) Malaysia

Ans (c)

Related facts:

  • On October 25, 2015 the 46-year-old former TV Comedian Jimmy Morales won presidential elections in Guatemala.
  • In this election Jimmy Morales, candidate of National Convergence front party won by getting more than 67% of total vote and defeated his opponent Sandra Torres who got 33% of the votes.
  • It should be noted that former vice president Roxana Baldetti and outgoing president Otto Perez Molina had to step down and were arrested on fraud and corruption charges and this became one of the reasons of Jimmy Morales success.
  • He will take over the Presidency on 14 January 2016.






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