ISRO announces Human Space Flight Centre in Bengaluru

ISRO announces Human Space Flight centre in Bengaluru

Question: ISRO announces Human Space Flight centre in Bengaluru whose actual flight with crew is targeted to happen by?
(a) November 2020
(b) December 2021
(c) March 2022
(d) April 2019
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • On 30 January 2019, Dr. K Kasturirangan, Former Chairman, ISRO in the presence of Dr. K Sivan, Secretary, DOS/Chairman, ISRO, inaugurated Human Space Flight Centre (HSFC) at ISRO Headquarter campus in Bengaluru.
  • A full scale model of GAGANYAAN’s crew module was also unveiled during this event. HSFC shall be responsible for implementation of GAGANYAAN Project which involves end-to-end mission planning, development of Engineering systems for crew survival in space, crew selection & training and also pursue activities for sustained human space flight missions.
  • HSFC will take support of the existing ISRO Centres to implement, the first development flight of GAGANYAAN under Human Space Flight Programme.
  • Gaganyaan, India’s mission to send astronauts to space is reserved to happen before December 2021. Dr. S Unnikrishnan Nair is the founder Director of HSFC and Shri R Hutton is the Project Director of GAGANYAAN project.
  • Mission includes the heavy lift launch vehicle GSLV MarkIII which aims to have two non-crew flights in December 2020 and July 2021.


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