Islamic State defeated, caliphate eliminated by US-backed SDF

Islamic State defeated , 'caliphate' eliminated says US-backed SDF

Question: Name the territory in Syria where Islamic State has been defeated recently &, ‘caliphate’ is eliminated by Syrian Democratic Forces backed by US?
(a) Baghouz
(b) Al Hasakah
(c) Idlib
(d) Dimashq (Damascus)
Answer :(a)
Related facts:

  • On 23 March 2019, Islamic State has been defeated at its final shred of territory of Baghouz in Syria, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announcing the end of its self-declared “caliphate” that once spanned a third of Iraq and Syria.
  • Though the defeat of Islamic State in Baghouz ends the group’s grip over the jihadist quasi-state straddling Syria and Iraq that it declared earlier in 2014, remains a threat.
  • Over the past 2 months some 60,000 people poured out of that dwindling enclave, fleeing SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) bombardment and a shortage of food so severe that some informed that they were reduced to cooking grass.
  • Intense air strikes throughout the campaign have levelled entire districts and rights groups have informed that they killed many civilians, allegations the coalition has often disputed.
  • A mass grave the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) discovered last month showed there were other dangers in the enclave, though it has released no details on the identities of the victims or how they died.

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