Infosys today announced the launch of InfyTQ

Infy TQ

Question: Infosys announced the launch of InfyTQ which is related to?
(a) Digital platform for employee
(b) Digital platform for engineering students in India
(c) Digital platform for entrepreneur
(d) None of the above
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • Infosys announced the launch of InfyTQ, a next-generation digital platform which will offer best learning and engagement experiences for engineering students in India.
  • InfyTQ is a free platform open to all engineering students in their third and fourth year across India. InfyTQ will be available on both mobile and desktop and is equipped with a plethora of content, courses, and news to establish talent readiness at an industry level through online assessments and certification.
  • With InfyTQ, students will benefit from the always-on, anytime, anywhere learning, catered through a continuous transfer of digital skills and expertise from the Infosys innovation ecosystem.
  • The learning courses will be centered on conceptual and practical aspects of technology to ensure a thorough understanding of the fundamental building blocks.
  • The platform will evolve and offer advanced learning materials and enable virtual programming environments for certain sets of students to further hone their technical skills. In addition, the platform also offers courses on professional skills.

By Achyutanand Pandey


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