Indian Navy ship departs for Mozambique with Relief Material

Question: Which of the following Indian Ship departed for Mozambique with Relief Material?
(a) INS Magar
(b) INS Sahyadri
(c) INS Karanj
(d) INS Kalvari
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • INS Magar, an amphibious warfare vessel, departed Mumbai for Port Beira in Mozambique with essential relief material for the cyclone ravaged areas.
  • The Indian warship is carrying 300 tons of relief supplies including essential medicines, anti epidemic drugs, food provisions, clothing, repair and rehabilitation equipment, and temporary shelters.
  • The ship is also carrying a naval Chetak Light Utility helicopter that will be used in the ongoing relief operations.
  • INS Magar will become the fourth Indian Navy ship after INS Sujata, Shardul and ICGS Sarathi of 1st Training Squadron to augment the Indian Navy’s ongoing Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief efforts in Mozambique.

By Achyutanand Pandey


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