India, England tops Test and ODI ratings after annual update

Question: Which countries topped theTest and ODI rankings as per annual updates?
(a) India & England
(b) India & South Africa
(c) India & New Zealand
(d) West Indies & England
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • India has retained the top position with 113 ratings followed by New Zealand with 111 rating. The third position was held by South Africa with 108 rating in the team rankings for Tests.
  • In the ODI (One Day International) rating, England is at the top with 123 rating followed by India with 121 rating. South Africa occupied the third position with 115 rating.
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG) has joined the rankings (16th) immediately having played several ODIs prior to April, 2018.

Abhinav Mishra


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