Incredible India Digital Calendar- 2018

Incredible India Digital Calendar

Question- The subject matter of the newly released Wall & Desk Calendar for 2018 is-
(a) India’s journey
(b) India for all
(c) For all India’s sightseeing
(d) Look India
Answer: (b) 
Related Facts:

  • On January 12th, 2018, in line with the Government’s Digital India initiative, Minister of State for Tourism (Independent Charge) and Minister of State for Electronics & Information Technology, Shri K.J. Alphons launched the “Incredible India Digital Calendar-2018”.
  • He also released the Incredible India Wall & Desk Calendar for 2018.
  • The Incredible India Digital calendar application enables users to know about the events & festivals happening in India on the go.
  • The Incredible India Digital Calendar contains all exclusive features of any Digital Calendar making it a perfect travel planner on the go.
  • This digital calendar can also be used as a personal planner.
  • The Digital Calendar can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms.Android: iOS:
  • It also has information on festivals and events happening in the country and will also allow user to create and manage personal events, get regular notifications on the upcoming festivals and events, allow set up of customize reminders for individual events, share the events with friends and contacts, etc.
  • Each leaf of Incredible India wall calendar 2018 has been crafted using illuminating paints that would glow in the dark.
  • Anyone going through the calendar will get a glimpse of how drastically di­fferent yet equally beautiful India can be before and after sun down.
  • Incredible India Desk calendar 2018 profiles 12 different kinds of travellers and suggests the appropriate destinations for them.


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