Question- Consider the following statements regarding IBSAMAR-

  1. There are four countries involved in IBSAMAR.
  2. It is a joint naval exercise.
  3. It is held bi-annually.

Which of the above statements is/are true?
(A)1 and 2 only
(B)1 and 3 only
(C)2 and 3 only
(D)All of the above
Related facts-

  • Recently in Simon’s town, South Africa IBSAMAR’s sixth edition has been kicked off; it is being held from 1st to 13th
  • IBSAMAR, a joint Multi – National Maritime Exercise between the Indian, Brazilian and South African Navies.
  • Last edition of IBSAMAR was held in Goa (19-26 Feb, 2016).

  • Its aim is to undertake collective training for participating and mutual understanding, as well as sharing of best practices.

From Indian side following contingent and fleet have taken part:

  • Guided missile frigate Tarkash.
  • Guided missile destroyer Kolkata.
  • Long range maritime patrol aircraft P81.
  • SeaKing and Chetak helicopters.
  • A MARCOS contingent.

This exercise will include harbor and sea phase exercise and will include-

  • Antipiracy exercise.
  • Navigation and seamanship evolutions.
  • Surface weapons firing.

  • Force protection exercises.
  • Anti-air and anti-submarine exercise as well as flying operations.
  • IBSAMAR are a series of joint maritime exercise between the navies of India, Brazil, and South Africa. First exercise took place in 2008, after which It is being held bi-annually.
  • MARCOS is a special force unit of Indian navy previously known as marine commando force (MCF). It is created for conducting special operations such as amphibious warfare, close quarter combat, counter terrorism and direct rescue etc. this contingent was main part of Operation Cactus in Maldives (1988) and Operation Pawan (1987) as a part of IPKF in Sri Lanka.





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