Question- Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding HURRICANE FLORENCE?
(a) Hurricane Florence is a temperate cyclone originated in Atlantic ocean
(b) Hurricane is supposed to hit the US eastern sea board.
(c) This is the first major hurricane of year 2018 in Atlantic.
(d) The most affected states in the cyclone would be Carolina and Virginia.
Related facts:

  • Hurricane Florence is a tropical cyclone generated over Atlantic .The hurricane will affect the mostly the US eastern sea board. It’s a tropical cyclone generated over Atlantic. . Winds are blowing with the speed of 185km per hour.
  • More than a million residents from coastal areas of north/south Carolina, Virginia and South Georgia have been evacuated. Hurricane is the first major hurricane of this year expected to land fall on Thursday.
  • Tropical cyclones are a region of low pressure inside and pressure gradient is very high. Tropical cyclones were named mostly after female names vis. Katarina, Florence etc. tropical cyclones are known by different names in different region of the world, vis. Hurricane in Atlantic, Typhoon in Japan Sea, Willy Willy in Australian region.

Ramayan Upadhyay


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