About Us

In present time the trend of online study has gained quite well significance. Many institutions successfully running online classes which shows the importance of online studies via internet. Taking this trend into account we launched (https://www.edristi.in/) website which provide all useful information related to contemporary issues happening all around and useful for competitive examinations.

Important aspects of the website:

The most important aspect of the e-Dristi is the presentation of expected question in a competitive examination along with providing useful information about the contemporary issues , which is extremely beneficial for the examination.

Second most important aspect is providing the link of authentic websites, through this link the reader can get more information related to the topics such as any international news ,Report, Awards, Sports, Science  and Technology  etc.

Our Responsibility towards reader:

The quality materials published on e-Dristi after a thorough screening process which reduces the chances of error. Besides this we always focus to provide only exam oriented information which saves valuable time of our reader. However when you find any error just leave a comment we will check that particular info and eliminate the error.  It is our topmost priority to provide error free content to all our aspirants.