H R Khan

Bandhan Bank appoints former RBI deputy governor H R Khan as chairman

Question: Recently, former RBI deputy governor H.R. Khan Khan was appointed the non-executive part-time president of the bank?
(a) Indusind Bank
(b) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(c) Bandhan Bank
(d) HDFC Bank
Answer: (c) 
Related Facts:

  • On June 9th, 2018, former RBI deputy governor Harun Rasid Khan was appointed as the non-executive part-time chairman of the Bandhan Bank.
  • His appointment will be for a period of three years with effect from 5thJune 2018 or till the expiry of his term as an independent director whichever is earlier.
  • India is that ‘Bond Bank’ is India’s banking and financial services company.
  • It was set up in 23rd August, 2015.
  • It’s headquarter is in Kolkata.
  • Currently it’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chandra Shekhar Ghosh.


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