Green Highways Policy- 2015

Green Highway Policy -2015

Ques: When was Green Highways Policy- 2015 launched?

(a) 29 September, 2015
(b) 28 September, 2015
(c) 27 September, 2015
(d) 1 October, 2015

Ans: a

Related facts:

  • 29 September, 2015 Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the Green Highways (Plantation, Transplantation, Beautification & Maintenance) Policy, 2015.
  • In financial year 2015-16 1% of the total project cost of all highways about Rs. 1000 crore will be available for plantation purpose.
  • There will be strong monitoring mechanism in place by using ISRO’s ‘Bhuvan’ and ‘GAGAN’ satellite systems.
  • The aim of the policy is to promote greening of Highway corridors with participation of the community, farmers, private sector, NGOs, and government institutions.
  • This policy will generate employment opportunities for about 5 lakh people from rural areas.


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