Godavari Cauvery Link Project

Godavari Cauvery Link Project

Question: What is the maximum estimated cost of the recently announced linking project of Godavari and Cauvery?
(a) Rs. 50,000 cr.
(b) Rs. 55,000 cr.
(c) Rs. 60,000 cr.
(d) Rs. 65,000 cr.
Answer: (c)

  • A major project for linking Godavari and Cauvery River will be brought by the Central Government. This project is expected to cost Rs. 60,000 crores for which the finance will be raised by Asian Development Bank or World Bank.

About the Project:

  • This project will lead to use of 1100 tmc ft. of Godavari water which get drained into Bay of Bengal. The project wholesome is Godavari- Krishna- Pennar – Cauvery project.
  • Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka usually face water scarcity which adversely affect to daily work and agriculture.
  • This project will also help in settling the interstate dispute of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on water usage.
  • The project will be using low thickness steel pipes with special treatment instead of canals which will be cheaper as well as easy to maintain.


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