Global debt reaches an all-time high

Global debt reaches an all-time high

Question: What is the amount of global debt figured by International Monetary Fund recently?
(a) 184 trillion dollars
(b) 160 trillion dollars
(c) 125 trillion dollars
(d) 105 trillion dollars
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • On 13th December, 2018, in its report, International Monetary Fund (IMF) figured the global debt to 184 trillion dollars remarking this to be at its peak level. In the beginning of this year, the IMF calculated the global debt of 182 trillion dollars.
  • In the estimated sum more than half the stake belongs to America, China and Japan.
  • The updated loan amount of 184 trillion dollars is equivalent to 225 percent of global GDP in 2017.
  • On average, the world’s debt now exceeds USD 86,000 per person. This figure is more than two times the average per capita income.
  • At the beginning of the millennium, China’s share of global debt was less than three percent, which now has more than 15%.


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