Forbes released the ‘Best Country for Business-2017’ ranking

Best Countries for Business

Question: Recently, the prestigious magazine Forbes released the ‘Best Country for Business-2017’ Ranking. Which of the following countries topped the list?
(a) New Zealand
(b) United Kingdom
(c) Netherlands
(d) Sweden
Answer: (b)
Related Facts:

  • On December 19th, 2017, Forbes released the ‘Best Country for Business-2017’ ranking.
  • The list includes 153 countries.
  • The United Kingdom topped the list.
  • U.K. was followed by New Zealand, Netherlands and Sweden respectively in the list.
  • India’s ranking in this list is 62nd.
  • The following countries are in this list –
  • The status of India’s neighboring countries in the list released by Forbes is as follows- Sri Lanka -77th rank, Pakistan -102nd rank, Bhutan -103rd rank, Nepal -109th rank and Bangladesh 117th rank.
  • Among BRICS countries 74th rank has been given to Brazil, 58th to Russia, 66th to China and South Africa remained at 48th place.
  • It is noteworthy that Britain was at the fifth place in the rankings of the previous year.
  • America is at 12th rank in this list.
  • While Germany, Finland and Norway are ranked 13th, 14th and 15th, respectively.
  • Ranking of Japan and France is 21st and 22nd, respectively.


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