F-16 Aircraft

Question: Manufacturer Company of F-16 aircraft is-
(a) Carlson Aircraft
(b) Boeing
(c) Lockheed Martin
(d) Dassault
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On March 19th, 2018, American major defense company Lockheed Martin announced the establishment of an F-16 aircraft manufacturing unit in India.
  • This initiative will be in line with Make in India.
  • The company’s plan is to prepare an assembly line in India.
  • According to Lockheed Martin’s Strategy and Business Development Vivek Lala, we are planning to introduce two new words in the dictionary of international fighter aircraft – ‘India’ and ‘Exclusive’.
  • With this initiative, the Indian industry has had the unique opportunity of coming to the center of the world’s largest fighter aircraft system.
  • This aircraft is capable of meeting the requirements of India and the requirements of Make in India.
  • According to the company, this unit will not only the assembly line, but also it will be a better facility which has never been provided by any other fighter aircraft manufacturer before.


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