Executive Chairman of the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA)

Question:__ nominated as Executive Chairman of NALSA.
(a) Justice SA Bobde
(b) Justice Khehar
(c) Justice AK Sikri
(d) None of the above
Answer :(a)
Related facts:

  • Supreme Court judge Justice SA Bobde was nominated as Executive Chairman of the NALSA on March 5, 2019.
  • Earlier, Justice AK Sirki headed the authority.
  • National Legal Services Authority of India is mandated to prove free legal services to the needy.
  • It also organizes Lok Adalats for amicable and speedy settlement of disputes.


One thought on “Executive Chairman of the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA)”

  1. Arbitrary use of power by AIr force authorities and concluded a District court martial on 14 Nov 98 which was illegal as per Air force act 1950 sec 73 notes 10.2 which states that Although the definition of NCO includes an acting NCO, A COURT MARTIAL DOES NOT DEAL WITH ACTING RANK, and AFA sec 73 notes 13.1 which states Acting rank is not recognised in the sentence of court martial. When court martial concluded 669398 ex Cpl VK katiyar was on the acting rank of sergeant and sergeant is a NCO rank in AIr force was a violation of AFA and Art 21 of constitution of India and a complete travesty of justice to ex Cpl (Acting sgt paid) VK katiyar.

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