World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day 2017

Question: World Maritime Day is celebrated on –
(a) September 23
(b) September 28
(c) September 29
(d) September 25
Answer- (b)
Related Facts:

  • On 28th September, 2017, World Maritime Day was celebrated throughout the world.
  • The theme of this day in 2017 – was the connecting ships, ports and people.
  • It is notable that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was established in the year 1959 as a special agency of the United Nations.
  • Its headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.
  • The IMO Convention entered into force in 1958 and the new Organization met for the first time the following year (1959).
  • It is noteworthy that the original name was the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization, or IMCO, but the name was changed in 1982 to IMO.


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