Women’s Hockey World Cup-2018


 QUESTION: Consider the following statements about Women’s Hockey World Cup-2018:

  1. Netherlands won the trophy.
  2. Lucino Von der Hyde of Spain was awarded with Young Player Award.
  3. Best Player Award was given to Lidewij Welten.

 Of the above the correct statements is /are:
(a) only 1
(b) only 2&3
(c) only 1&3
(d) only3
Related Facts:  

  • The 14th edition of Women’s Hockey World Cup was organized in Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre, London from 21 July -5 August.
  • Defending Champion Netherlands grabbed the World Cup record 8th time defeating Ireland by 6-0.This was first ever World Cup final played by Ireland.
  • Spain maintained third position by defeating Australia with 3-1 marking their first world cup medal.
  • Awardees of the World cup
Top ScorerVan Male Kitty (8) Netherlands
Best PlayerLidewij Welten, Netherlands
Best GoalkeeperAyeisha McFerran, Ireland
Young PlayerLucina Von der Hyde, Argentina


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