Russian Open

Russian Open

Question: Consider the following statements about Indian Player Saurabh Verma:

  1. He is an Indian javelin thrower.
  2. As of 29 July 2018 he is World No. 71 badminton player.
  3. He won Russian open -2018.

Which among of the above statements is /are correct.
(a) Only 1
(b) Only 2&3
(c) Only 1&3
(d) Only 3
Answer: (b)
Related Facts:

  • Indian shuttler Sourabh Verma won Russian Open 2018 held from 24-29 July in the Sport Hall Olympic, Russia.
  • He marked this achievement by defeating Koki Watanabe of Japan with 18-21,21-12,21-17.
  • This is his first title of the season. Currently, he is ranked World No. 71.
  • Sourabh Verma is a part of Indian squad for Asian Games which he acquired by winning All India Senior Ranking Tournament in Bangalore.
  • Vladimir Ivanov (Russia) and Rohan Kapoor (India) won Mixed Doubles.


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