Hawkes Bay Cup 2016

Hawkes Bay Cup 2016 (Women)

Question: Which of the following team has won the title of Hawkes Bay Cup 2016?
(a) Japan
(b) Korea
(c) India
(d) New Zealand
Ans (d)
Related facts:

  • The hockey tournament Hawkes Bay Cup 2016 was held at Hasting, New Zealand on 2-10 April 2016.
  • 8 teams have participated in this competition which have been placed in Pool A and B.
  • Pool A consists of Australia, Korea, Japan and Canada.
  • Pool B consists of New Zealand, China, India and Ireland.
  • New Zealand women’s team defeated the Japan by 3-2 in the final.
  • Australia secured third place after defeating China by 3-1.
  • Indian women team ranked sixth after got defeated from Ireland in a penalty shoot-out by 4-3.
  • Senior defender Deepika was the captain of Indian team.
  • Korea defeated Canada by 3-1 and secured the seventh ranked subsequently Canada Securing eighth position.
  • Mie Nakashima of Japan and Australia’s Georgia Parker scored highest, 4-4 goals in the tournament.


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