China leads world in solar power production

China leads world in solar power production

Question. Consider the following statements regarding solar power generation in the world:

  1. China generates more than half of the world solar power.
  2. India is at 3rd place in solar power production.
  3. India, China and the USA top three nations contributes two-third of the total global solar power production.

Of the above which is/are correct?
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 & 3
(C)3 only
(D)All of the above
Answer. B

  • China is the first country to cross 100 GW of cumulative installed capacity. By 2016 the total installed capacity of the world was 303 GW.
  • China , USA and India are the top three countries in the world contributes more than 2/3rd of the total installed capacity of solar power generation.

  • Longyangxia dam solar park is the largest solar farm (30sq km) of the world is also located in china.
  • India is the founder member of International solar alliance (ISA). India under its national solar mission has proposed to produce 100 GW of solar power.Currently India has installed capacity of 20 GW.
  • Ramayan Upadhyay


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