Imran Tahir announced retirement from ODI Cricket

Question: Imran Tahir is a cricket player of which of the following country? (a) England (b) Pakistan (c) South Africa (d) Australia Answer :(c) Related facts: Leg-spinner of South African cricket team, Imran Tahir announced […]

Executive Chairman of the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA)

Question:__ nominated as Executive Chairman of NALSA. (a) Justice SA Bobde (b) Justice Khehar (c) Justice AK Sikri (d) None of the above Answer :(a) Related facts: Supreme Court judge Justice SA Bobde was nominated […]

‘Jalamrutha’ Conversation Scheme

Question: ‘Jalamrutha’ conservation scheme is related to – (a) Karnataka (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Kerala Answer :(a) Related facts: Recently (In Feb. 2019), a Water Conservation Scheme ‘Jalamrutha’ was launched by Karnataka […]